GENSOLLEN is a dynamic SMB, an expert in its field. It specializes in the manufacture of cabins, shelters, technical shelters, and protective canopy, thermally insulated, in fiberglass reinforced polyester. Its know-how and professionalism are recognized in the analysis, instrumentation, oil and gas, rail, and telecom fields.

The GENSOLLEN company is part of the EUROPOLY group, which allows it to rely on a high-performance engineering office and a technically qualified sales team.

Created in 1970, GENSOLLEN has become the privileged partner for companies looking for a very high-quality product resistant to almost all corrosive attacks.

Gensollen is an internationally oriented company. We have gained the trust of many customers not only in France but also in Italy, Belgium, and Luxembourg as well as all over Europe. Our story has only just begun as we aim to continue to grow not only locally and nationally but also internationally. Our multicultural technical sales team will be at your disposal to advise you in English, French and Italian.



We make quality our main concern. Our team of qualified engineers are constantly looking for new ideas to improve our existing products. We will never favor quantity over quality because we want to offer the best to our customers. Your satisfaction is our leitmotiv, that's why we want to offer you the most qualitative products.


GENSOLLEN relies on a high-performance design office and a team of technically qualified sales engineers. We are endlessly seeking to develop and diversify our range of products to best meet your needs.We are constantly thinking about the creation of new products but also about new improvements to be made to our product grams.


Our team is at your disposal to offer you the solution that best suits your needs.Indeed, we are very attentive to the expectations of our customers. It is important for us to support you in your projects but also once the products have been delivered. Indeed, our after-sales service remains at your disposal for any technical question after the delivery of the products, even months or years after the installation of the products.


We place honesty, responsibility and ethics first. At GENSOLLEN we care about the environment and sustainable development. We use cement co-incineration to recover our waste and transform it into fuel.