Design and manufacture of polyester cabins

Gensollen is a company recognized for over 20 years in the design and manufacture of polyester cabins and shelters but not only. We also provide cabinets to our customers. We manufacture them following the same process as for our cabins. We design our cabinets in polyester skin + polyurethane foam sandwich panels.

These cabinets are entirely made to measure, both in terms of dimensions and interior equipment. We can include shelves, integrate air conditioning, ventilation grills, lighting and we can also make cabinets with front/rear doors. Just like our cabins, our cabinets have a stainless steel floor with external returns that allow them to be split on the ground on a concrete slab for example.

Gensollen is part of the Europoly Group. If you need polyester boxes, cabinets, etc., do not hesitate to visit our website or