An office for GRTGaz

Gensollen realized for GRTGAZ a technical room reserved for all the automatism and electricity of the site.

This room, cabin, is 15 meters x 5 meters x 3.5 meters high.

This is a compressor station, a potentially corrosive place due to possible gas releases.

This technical room is located right next to very large pumps that generate a lot of heat.

The goal was to isolate this ‘control room’ from the rest of the building.

Thus this room was made of sandwich panels, polyester polyurethane foam polyester, allowing the thermal insulation of the room.

Reinforcements have been installed in the roof to allow authorized persons to access the roof.

We have made a sliding door, to allow the passage of large equipment, but also a swinging door when a technician needs to check the proper functioning of electrical appliances.

Do not hesitate to send us your technical specifications so that we can study them and, after analysis, propose a solution.